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Chintu Ka Birthday To Release On Zee5 (A Must Watch)


Chintu Ka birthday is a story of the early days of the US-led war on Iraq in 2003, where an Indian family prepares for a 6-year-old Chintu’s birthday.

Just like every other kid Chintu’s father is his Hero.

War is good for nothing, absolutely nothing, especially if it ruins your favorite day.

After watching the trailer I decided I will definitely watch this film on its premiere day because it has a different story to tell, different emotions to feel and there is the innocence of a Chintu, who just wanted to celebrate his birthday with there family and friends.

The trailer starts with the voice of Chintu’s mother who is shouting at her husband “Kitna nahaenge Chintu k papa” and from behind 6 years old Chintu mimics her mother by saying “Kitna nahaenge papa Aaj to late nahi kar sakte hai na”,

Chintu ka birthday

This shows how much excited Chintu is to celebrate his birthday, and then Chintu’s father comes out of the bathroom.

The next scene was of Chintu’s cake which his father puts into oven to be baked. And the whole family starts watching the oven, just like magic to happen.

Chintu ka birthday

Then Chintu’s sister says that “bass bijli nahi jaani chahiye” Which shows that there was a problem of electricity as well.

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In the next scene, Chintu is talking with someone and he says “papa ek mahine se bol rahe hai ki is baarjabarjast birthday banega” which means Chintu wants his birthday to be better than before.

Chintu ka birthday

Chintu invites his 25 friends for the birthday, and it looks like it is over budget for his family but still, his father says that I asked you to invite your 50 friends.

Everybody seems happy singing and decorating there home, and suddenly a noise of bomb blast comes from out. Then someone knocks the door, Chintu’s father opens it and the soldiers with guns come in.

And then Chintu says My birthday is canceled, I can feel the disappointment faced by Chintu.

Chintu ka birthday

The best thing which I heard in the trailer is that Chintu saying ” papa isko cake nahi khilaenge” I can feel it.

Overall Chintu Ka Birthday is a must-watch film. It is a family movie with no adult scenes, it is very clean and full of hope, excitement. I feel a heart to heart connection with Chintu.

“We have grown up watching how our parents put our needs above theirs, sacrificing for us in ways big and small,” 

Watch Chintu Ka Birthday on 5 June, only on Zee5.

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