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Why Sonu Sood Is Helping Migrant workers?


Sonu Sood is working day and night to help the migrants to help migrant workers stranded in different parts of Maharashtra to reach their homes in different parts of India.

The internet in India is obsessed with Sonu Sood. The google searches are raising, everybody wants to know about him, about his family and everything.

Recently RJ Raunak did an interview with Sonu Sood in which told us about everything, from the start to how he is feeling by helping these workers.

Sonu said in the interview, that he feels 24 hours is very less in a day. He is really busy these days. He also said that he is taking all the permissions from officers, police, and from everyones by himself only.

But do you know why Sonu is doing this?

Sonu said that we all were seeing that migrant workers are trying to go home by walking, and they don’t have anything this was really hurtful for everyone. And because of this many of them died, daily news was coming that 21-22 migrants died. so he thought who are these migrants?

Sonu sood

They all are Indians, they never recognized with there names, they should be recognized with there names. Their families are waiting for them. And we all neglected them.

Roads, bridges, offices, homes where we are sitting right now, everything is made by them only, they all are our India’s heartbeat. And that is why he thought to help them in reaching home.

sonu sood tweet

The biggest challenge which Sonu faced is the process of permission. permission is a very lengthy process, firstly they get tested from local police and that goes from local police station to DCP office then it goes to Dm’s office then it goes to EDM, and then it comes back to the DM than to DCP and then back to the police station.

sonu sood tweet

After that, he takes transportation permission and then a bus can go from a state to another and all of this happens when another state is ready to accept that transport vehicle.

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